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The Northern Maine Outdoors is renowned for year round adventure activities.Like Camping and standing under a black night sky with millions of stars,asking yourself where did they all come from? Other activities like whitewater rafting,or regular fishing, fly and ice fishing for smallmouth bass, salmon, trout, perch, pickerel .You could enjoy hunting black bear, whitetail deer and moose.All World-Class activities with more sports like boating,skiing or snowmobiling.When in Maine you just can't help but enjoying your time there.The folks in Maine know how vacations should be.Their like a painters canvas and tools waiting for you to paint a masterpiece vacation that you can share with everyone.Maine's got many quality resort facilities and lodgings on water front lakes with great food to make for a number one vacation.Or you can go camping along a babbling river and watch the sunset.

Vacation in Maine and Heal your Mind and Body.

Travel the local Acadian websites in the St. John Valley. Visit the Valleylife page.
Check the igloo building competition in Grand Falls, NB .Canada

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Horns Inn Review on local music.
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